Hello lovers of crypto, how are you? I'm sure you are loving the bullish #smiles. As usual, I bring to you good tidings. I bring to you the best news and opportunity you can ever imagine on the space. If you haven't been following my blog, I urge you spare few minutes to go through my latest blogs on privacy coins. Like I said, privacy coins in existence are many but my pick for the best privacy coin is Veil.
The importance of privacy and convenience in the crypto space cannot be over emphasized. As the market grows on daily basis, so are people searching on which project to invest in. A lot of projects with use cases thrive with each one of them performing what they are good at. Of these projects are privacy coins.
Privacy coins hold a lot of hope for the crypto space. The uses and importance cannot be swept under the carpets. Users and investors alike are scared of losing funds to compromised privacy on the space, investors finding it difficult to conveniently monitor and safeguard their investmente on the space. The need for a privacy coin that holds a lot of hope become slighted. This is the reason why Veil was launched. Veil project was developed by a group of experts and technological know-how of blockchain technology. These groups of experts then came with a brilliant idea to developing a privacy coin that would surpass all other privacy coins to prove a 100% always-on privacy and convenience. Hence the birth of Veil Coin.
If you are looking for a project to invest in, a project with a lot of hope and potentials,well you are right on the right track. Veil project is a project that will last the test of say 10-20years. Havie at the back of your mind that Veil project has working products already. How does Veil's products work?

Veil project has the following features and benefits:
1. Veil project has a lot of mining softwares and mining pools. This entails that, having the best of Veil's mining tools nor softwares, you can get to mine some Veil coins.
2. Veil launched it's proof of work and proof of stake. With Veil's PoW and PoS, users of Veil or holders of Veil or any other cryptocurrency will be able to earn some Veils by just holding of some coins on the platform.
3. Always-on Privacy: Veil have adopted the best of the privacy projects such as RingCt, Zerocoin and Dandelion protocol etc to give a 100% Annomnity and a privacy without compromise. These technologies are combined by Veil to achieve its core purpose and value of "Privacy without compromise".
4. Veil network offers the best security ever. All thanks to the wondrous brain behind this innovation.

It is however tantamount to note that, there is no coin that is perfect as each of the privacy coins offering what they are good at. Veil at it peak seem to be the most perfect and cool privacy coin of our time bearing in mind it's core values and merits. And if you are to ask me what is the best privacy coin to invest in, I'd proudly chorus Veil Coin. This privacy coin is a blast. A good one to invest as such!

Thanks for reading my blog... I hope you find my article well researched and audible enough to satisfy your urge for privacy coin. Well, I trust it did. Stay tuned on my next publication of Veil!

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