I live to at all times bring to your desk great innovations in the crypto space that worths your time and investments. On this note, I present to you another great project VANTA.

In recent times, it is a known fact that the internet allowed intercontinental connectivity amongst devices,
humanity, and organizations. However, as the need for real-time connectivity
exponentially increases, traditional servers face limited bandwidth with high
cost, and authorities often acquire user data for their vested interest. As a result of the dire need of an effective communication protocol, a decentralized network that can handle real-time connectivity with
efficiency and privacy becomes indispensable.

From recent studies it has been shown that communication is an inevitable thing that we cannot do without for most reasons that different people from all race of life despite their culture communicate in one way or the other. Let us take the internet for an example. It has been discovered that chat rooms have been innovating in social media such as Facebook and this communication have gone viral and at business centers, tourist venues and work places communication still continues which provide the VANTA project to integrate all these communication into a an ecosystem. VANTA will be able to increase scalability and efficiency and make provisions for reserved and isolated structures through the aid of the blockchain technology.


As a decentralized and permission-less network, VANTA ensures
real-time, secure, ​and​ private ​connectivity. In the Vanta platform, The ARKAS Protocol, is a
breakthrough decentralized P2P networking protocol which establishes seamless and routing channels across nodes. The KANUS Chain adopts Proof of
Networking, a radical consensus algorithm that incorporates intelligent,
self-involving nodes with Verifiable Random Function (VRF) and PBFT to
realize efficiency and cost reduction. In other words, the VANTA Network is a new
infrastructure that connects humanity, organizations, and devices in


Vanta's Framework empowers secure start to finish encryption, individual recognizable proof, and system engineering seclusion on a sharded decentralized system. Based on the PGP encryption standard and motivated by Namecoin's decentralized namespaces display, this system gives a stone strong establishment to applications exploiting the VANTA Network.

Furthermore, confirmation and correspondence channel calculations dependent on ​zero-learning evidence ​which enables secure information matching up.
Also, coordination over various gadgets, permitting applications already just conceivable with a brought together cloud, to work totally on a decentralized system.

VANTA will give a SDK and an API to coordinate
the VANTA arrange into any stages and applications that require
constant correspondence.


At this juncture, it is needful to call attention to the current issues to which Vanta comes to solve. These extents from;

Increasing Network Throughput and Cost.

Organizations not ready to give solid administrations, since system and server costs increments alongside the expanding measure of information transmitted.

Real-Time Networking Development Costs and Problems with Centralized Services.

Because of the issues related with brought together administrations which limits numerous organizations to growing constant systems administration administrations in light of the cost, time, and absence of aptitudes required to create and work such administrations. Additionally, because of numerous organizations using concentrated API benefits that assistance grow constant systems administration capacities. However, there are a few issues with brought together APIs. When a brought together API is utilized, the expense increments altogether as the use increases.The actuality that information is put away on a concentrated server makes it inclined to hack and security issues.

Trust in the correspondence among gatherings and trust in the information exchanged from different gadgets.

As of now, different items, stores, and media are assessed and shared by individuals. Individuals assess
the buy, use, and appearance of items, stores, and media, yet there is no assessment of individuals or the gadgets individuals are speaking with.

Access to information created by gadgets and the information use expenses. Later on, there will be an expansion in the need to send and get information progressively between
individuals and gadgets and between gadgets. Consequently the need to build up a system and a framework that can work straightforwardly and precisely as indicated by the guidelines decided between the gadgets
without human intercession for obtaining the information get to consent naturally.

*Various hacks just as government and corporate systems.
Sooner than later close to home information will stream inside the system to be exchanged between gadgets, and will be put away in different incorporated servers so as to give a smooth administration experience.

Notwithstanding, if clients can not know whether if the information is appropriately encoded, transmitted, put away, and erased from the server, clients may end up on edge due to this,  and individual information spillage will cause incredible
harm. With blockchain, be that as it may, it is conceivable to
affirm the procedure of
transmitting/putting away/erasing information.



Will comprehend the throughput and cost issues by making the regular PCs and cell phones around the globe, whose execution quickly expands every year, to add to constant organizing.

By building a decentralized network for real-time networking that is not owned and controlled by anyone to provide various real-time networking APIs for

Vanta will restore trust which will invariably enable and enhance more and more real-time communication across people and devices, and credible evaluations will be needed. The implication of this is that in the nearest future, Trust will achieved.

VANTA seeks to create an efficient system that can quickly and safely send and receive data in real-time by
creating a competitive system that instantly configures networks according to each situation.

* Vanta will create Decentralized nodes to transmit and store real-time
data, which prevent hacking and excessive/malicious use of personal data.

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