Hello crypto enthusiasts, still on ATOMIC Wallet Updates. I bring to your table updates on atomic wallet that will better your daily transactions and use on the platform.

So far so good, Atomic staff/team are doing an absolutely incredible job as it is. A new and growing development just takes time. All of your efforts incredible and amazing. Just thankful I came across the atomic wallet.

The Atomic wallet has been an extraordinary advancement brought by blockchain to enhance the crypto space. With support of its inventive thoughts, it has brought only significance and smooth encounters for it's financial specialists and clients.

Let's not forget that,
Atomic swap is an onchain technology which is based on smart contracts without 3rd party. It's experimental feature available for some pairs only, like BTC-LTC. For tokens it's also possible, however not in a high priority for now.

Atomic Wallet is a multicurrency wallet with a decentralized programmed trade. It gives a ground-breaking "on chain" administration that enables clients to lessen the costs spent on overseeing cryptocurrencies, and makes them straightforward and solid. To make the platform significantly more easy to use and easy to understand, the Atomic Wallet team utilizes the best UIs and security procedures that make it less demanding. Atomic wallet is a decentralized multi-cash platform that gives an amazing, sought after administration that enables users to lessen exertion spent on overseeing crypto resources and makes it straightforward and dependable. Atomic wallet platform isn't only a wallet yet additionally has a cross-chain Atomic swap trade and a decentralized request book.

Notwithstanding, I need to trust we as a whole know the mind and thoughts behind Atomic Wallet (AWC)! This is basically to be the head and a fresh start to crypto enthusiasts. Another sanctuary for your benefits stockpiling, security and exchanging.

Be that as it may, as promising and as splendid as Atomic wallet seems to be, it isn't without little imperfections. Recently, clients encountered a few issues with bugs attempting to destroy involvement. Be that as it may, on account of Atomic wallet team who endeavors to see the best from the project. Guaranteed clients of best and lives to convey the best.


The Atomic wallet Mobile update is now available. Get your Atomic mobile app updated!

Issues fixed are:

Eth tokens balances and history are shown properly.

Fixes for sending ETC, XLM, DASH, ERC20 tokens has been corrected.

Improvement for Send All feature done.

Increased app performance and lots of bug fixed.

* Crash fixes on old devices less than 1GB RAM.

This update was done sometime in February 23r. In the event that you have the portable application, you can go-to your Google Play Store for Android clients and update the wallet... https://play.google.com/store/applications/deta

If you haven't, you go directly to download it for better and smooth encounters.

The way things are, the issues with utilizing the wallet has been fixed. Users would now be able to flex the astounding refreshed version of the app. The following is a portion of the bugs that was fixed:

1. The issue with 'history show has been fixed': Users would now be able to see their exchange history quiet.

2. The minor issue with sending and getting of BTC, ETC and LTC has been fixed.

All thanks to Atomic team. You would now be able to send and get BTC, ETC and LTC calm.

3. For Tezos, the security rupture issue has additionally been fixed. Your security is of fundamental to Atomic wallet. All gratitude to the marvelous group.

4. Eth charges has likewise been improved for tokens. Thus, commission would be less.

This updated adaptation of the Atomic wallet likewise accompanied some lavish features like:

1. Parities Caching included

2. Added history fare to CSV.

These two are unbelievably essential to any wallet. Not to overlook, new resource; BITTORRENT Airdrop currently included!

Refresh your Atomic wallet now!

This will make it workable for Tron holders on Atomic wallet to get BITTORRENT airdrop relying upon the amount of Tron they hold. 0.11bitTorrent token will be concurred to each 1Tron in the wallet. You should simply to just introduce the Atomic wallet in the event that you haven't and finance your tron wallet. You are naturally qualified for the BITTORRENT airdrop.

For more information, 

Atomic Download: https://atomicwallet.io/downloads

Website : https://atomicwallet.io

Telegram : https://t.me/atomicwalletchat

Twitter : https://twitter.com/atomicwallet

Author' BTT username: Adaora2323

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