Atomic wallet is a multi dimensional project with multi WALLET'S for storing more than 300 custom tokens. Atomic wallet is more than just a project in as much as it offers varies opportunities for crypto users.

Today, I shall talk about how to trade your AWC on exchange. As we all know that a project is not complete without an exchange. Every successful project mist be tradeable in one or two exchanges. Atomic wallet coin is not an exception. Ever since its inception, the project has launched it's coin in above two or more exchanges for their users to be able to trade the tokens. These exchanges are, idex and Forkdelta etc.


The benefits of Atomic wallet to crypto space can not be downplayed.
AWC is an utility token that serves as fuel for extra features, rewards, bounty program and other partnership benefits. Users and lovers of atomic wallet project gets to earn AWC on several occasions like the bounty programs, airdrop program, referral program etc. Above all, users and lovers can also get to buy AWC directly on IDEX OR Forkdelta. For instance, each user encouraged to use Atomic by any person will be rewarded with some quantities of Atomic wallet coin. Other projects can also become our partner for mutual promo and get AWC under special conditions for instance, Binance, power ledger etc.

The supply of Atomic Wallet Coin is limited to 100M AWC. To keep the AWC rate sustained, There is a principle of "BUY BACK" which has been adopted by the team to buy back AWC from their profit each quarter (once it’s profitable) and then burn. This measure will help all AWC HODLers rest assured they won’t lose their investments on market swings.


I understand how difficult and frustrating it can be when you have to use or trade a coin in an exchange you can't ad-lib with especially when it comes to decentralized exchanges. Hence, I shall take my time to clearly explain how you can maneuver the hassles of trading your AWC on exchange.

Firstly, it is pertinent to state that AWC is trading on: and!/trade/0xad22f63404f7305e4713ccbd4f296f34770513f4-ETH. More exchanges to be unleashed soon. Stay updated.

Idex and Forkdelta are both decentralized exchanges. What this implies is that, the funds are in sole custody of the owners rather than the exchange itself unlike the centralized exchanges and can be difficult for a first timer to trade effectively there. Hence, below is a step by step guide to trading your AWC on the DECENTRALIZED exchanges;

1. Go through this link to idex:
Make the new Ethereum wallet or open the current address by importing your private keys to IDEX. Since IDEX is decentralized, you have full command over your assets, so your private keys have a place just with you.

2. Fund your eth wallet with some eth as you would require a few gas for exchanges.

3. To begin exchanging, send ETH to your Ethereum wallet on Idex.

4. Ensure the store exchange is finished. In the "Parity" tab, check the ETH balance.

5. Presently you can purchase AWC and exchange it. Go to IDEX and look down to the "Purchase AWC" area.

6. Submit your order. You can pick an order type while trusting that somebody will pic the order.

7. Presently trust that the order will be picked. Usually, it takes a few minutes. You can follow the status in your Trade History.

8. In your Full Balance List, you will see the measure of AWC you've quite recently purchased. In the event that you wish, you need to pull back this add up to your AWC wallet address on Atomic.

This is astounding would it say it isn't? So basic and simple to exchange. Stay tuned for all the more exciting exchanges!

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