Hello crypto investors and enthusiasts. Trust you are getting through with the tidings the bull brought. As usual, I research, review and analyze projects perceived to be potential enough that would worth our investments. On that note, I I unleash you the MYCROJOBS project.
It is true that there is prevailing issues of unemployment in our current dispensation. Getting jobs seem to be a hard task. Not just that, getting job alerts, opportunities and getting right people for right tasks becomes issues. These and many more are issues that MYCROJOBS comes to tackle in the economy. Are you a jobber? Do you need job alerts brought to our notice? A Job provider? Do you need to connect with jobbers for your tasks to be done? Then MYCROJOBS got your back. This is a one of its kind project which seeks to bridge the gap and difficulties between the jobbers and job providers towards getting tasks done.


MYCROJOBS is an ultimate erc20 supported platform based blockchain technology which gives people rapid control of their time, while still bridging and giving access to jobbers and job providers. The token of MYCROJOBS is MYO. MYO is the native token of MYCROJOBS. With MYO, users would be able to access all the features of the platform. Jobbers would get access to jobs through the MYO tokens.


As we all know that there can never be a solution where there is no problem. In this light, MYCROJOBS has come to eradicate some problems in the ecosystem. These problems are:
Nothing kills the existence of any platform than when it operates high and expensive fees. Due yo the expensive nature of other existing platforms, MYCROJOBS launch with a difference. To give quality services at cheap and affordable fees.
2. Few or no platform: The fact that there is none or no platform that bears the "to-do" needs of the people is still a driving factor behind the launch of MYCROJOBS. Hence, MYCROJOBS seeks to create a big vacuum in the space by unleashing its innovative advancements.
3. Centralized System: Few of the platforms that ever existed operates centralized systems. Hence the need for a decentralized system.
These and many more are the reasons behind the successful launch of MYCROJOBS platform. To be the game changer. By so doing, has proffered solutions to the above problems by:


1. Unleashing a supper and unique platform that charges a lesser fee for connecting jobbers and job providers.
2. MYCROJOBS initiated a decentralized platform built with security and trust. These entails that jobbers and job providers have no need to worry over trust and security while using the platform. MYCROJOBS got that covered. Before any job starts, payment is sent to an escrow smart contract. Once a job is completed, escrow pays the jobber.
3. Democratized Ratings... This is an intriguing solution brought by MYCROJOBS. On MYCROJOBS platform, there is a smart contract that monitors everyone that is the jobber and job providers. Once a job is done, the smart contract gives room to both the jobber and job providers to rate each other.
4. KYC Verification: For safety and security purpose, every user is expected to pass through the kyc verification process. Here, users details are stored and saved on a decentralized smart contract. By so doing, would curb fraud, and fake identities on the platform.

Conclusively, MYCROJOBS is the solution deemed fit for the current problems in the ecosystem. With MYCROJOBS application, users will get to effectively utilize the platform to their satisfaction. The MYCROJOBS application is easy, secured and fast to use, helps in real time job matching, allows for instant payments and reduces fees to barest minimum. Why not explore the ecosystem? MYCROJOBS got your "TO-DOs" covered. Anticipate more news and updates about MYCROJOBS. Stay tuned!
Don't forget, I research, review, analyze and invest. My reviews have never failed!


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