Hello crypto investors and enthusiasts... For as much as I have been writing and publishing, I haven't seen such an undeniable project such as the COLLETRIX project.

Do you own or possess some Intellectual properties? Do you wish for a utmost trust and transparency in the intellectual industry? Do you crave for a more tokenized IP industry? Has your rights to own and protect your intellectual properties ever been trampled upon? Then here is COLLETRIX for you. COLLETRIX project is indeed the solution and answer  to your quests... Don't stop read till the end... #smiles

The inception of block chain is indeed a blessing to every sector today as every sector has unarguably felt the impact of this technology. Of the sectors that have benefited and tapped from the opportunities of the block chain technology is the the COLLETRIX project. This shall be the focus of my analysis and  publication today. The COLLETRIX project is a game  changer for the IP industry.


The COLLETRIX project is the one that has brought a lot of benefits into the Intellectual properties (IP) industry. The COLLETRIX project combines IP, block chain and Tokenization etc to revolutionize the Merchandise and IP industry.

The COLLETRIX project is backed by a group of experts on merchandise, IP and block chain from UNDONE, Animoca Brands, Future Arena and Bitwork Accelerator. These group of teams would unleash its core values, talents and expertise into the COLLETRIX project towards creating a vibrant ecosystem of IP creation, trading and physical merchandising using blockchain technology and tokenization.

COLLETRIX is the first of its kind to bring  about block chain into the intellectual property in such as way that one's values of intellectual properties are represented in the true values of crypto currency. With the COLLETRIX project, Owners of Intellectual properties would be able to measure the worth or value of their assests and be able to exchange it in due course.

The COLLETRIX project proposes to utilize the block chain technology with its ERC-721tokens and merchandizes to estimate and conserve the Worth's of users intellectual properties.


It has been touted severally that there is no solution without a problem. Relating this to the IP industry, there are a lot of problems which birthed the COLLETRIX project. These problems are:

1. The problems of distrust.
2. Problem of Transparency
3. Lack of IP Tokenization
4. Lack of IP blockchainization.
5. Unfavourable rules and regulations for IP owners etc.

Of these major blowing problems birthed the COLLETRIX project to act as a check and balance between the industry and IP owners by ensuring full rights, transparency and trust to the IP owners and the industry as a whole.


The IP industry Having been faced by the challenges above made the help of a tokenized and blochanized project to be highly sorted out for. This birthed the COLLETRIX project. The first of its kind to combine block chain and tokenization to the IP industry. Here comes the solutions of the COLLETRIX project below:

1. The COLLETRIX project would accord users the rights to own and guard their intellectual properties through copyrights without any infringement.

2. The COLLETRIX project would also allow intellectual property owners to be able to convert or exchange their IPs to cryptocoins according to the value of their intellectual properties on the exchange.

3. With the COLLETRIX project, intellectual properties are kept safe and secured with ownership and right conferred to the real owner.

4. With the COLLETRIX project, there is nothing like infringement or copying of another's work because every IPS on the COLLETRIX project will be backed by block chain, tokenization and merchandise.

5. The CIPX token is the native token name of the COLLETRIX. The COLLETRIX token would be used or utilized appropriately for a host of so many things on the COLLETRIX platform such as:
1. Rewarding users who trade or exchange their IPs on the platform.
2. The CIPX token would also be used as a medium of transaction between intellectual owners on the platform.
3. The CIPX would be used to trade different kinds of Intellectual properties on the platform.


The COLLETRIX project is indeed the first wave of IP project which combines the block chain technology, tokenization and merchandise to revolutionize the IP industry. Bearing in mind the its core goals and values, COLLETRIX project's token would serve as the major medium of exchange for IP owners. That is, intellectual owners would be able to transact their Intellectual properties. The COLLETRIX project aims to bridge the trust and transparency issue in the IP industry. COLLETRIX project is definitely the way...Join the Leading Revolution now!


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