Maestro ICO Review

Maestro Company by using the blockchain technology to address the essential industry problems.

Maestro it’s a blockchain-based music streaming platform for artists and listeners that seeks to revolutionize the digital music world.
Maestro aims to fill the market gap of a platform that will get rid of intermediaries in the music industry who exploit artists and hike prices for music consumers. Artists will no longer have to worry about high music production costs, and customers will only have to pay for the songs they listen to at low fees.
Maestro will create a virtuous-cycle ecosystem in which artists produce their projects through advanced funding, issue the results using the streaming service and share the profits with investors on the platform.

Smart contracts handle the entire process in the decentralized system eliminating the need for third-party intervention. This handling includes holding of the decryption key for the music stored in Maestro’s encrypted distributed storage. Consumers on the platform will make use of the Maestro token as a payment method to receive the decryption key to stream their music.

Conclusion : Maestro will become the new paradigm for the music industry. Maestro will provide an environment that allows for unhampered creation as well as an ecosystem that fairly divides rights of songs between artists and investors, and profits among all token holders. Maestro aims to revolutionize the bureaucratic media industry and to cooperate with existing parties to ultimately aid and nurture a greater diversity of artists

In short, to eliminate the unnecessary third parties who are currently taking up to 40% of the generated revenue so that the artists will earn the profit they rightfully deserve and the listeners will enjoy the music at lower cost.

Maestro MAE Token & ICO Details

  • Token Name: Maestro Token
  • Token Symbol: MAE
  • Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 MAE
  • Tokens for sale: 620,000,000 MAE


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