Just bought 36 Golos on Rudex for 5 BTS or 1 Steem

I just used the RUDEX Bitshares Frontend for Russia to buy 36 GOLOS , for just 5 Bitshares or 1 STEEM $0.35 just 35 cents!!!! So basically its 1 penny each!

You can login here with the same Openledger or bitshares wallet credentials

Lets get GOLOS on Steem-Engine now that they have Bitshares! You can pay 1000 ENg around $300 to pay to LISt golos on Steem-Engine.com DEX and they already have pegged assets for BTC LTC BCh DOGE STEEM BTS ANX PSO and EOS and we can have GOLOS main net oin steem engien and give golos a NEW MARKET to list on so we are not ONLY on Bitshares/Rudex

Use that Discord link top get instructiosn for how to list golos to steem-engine just ask @aggroed and @someguy123 on their discord and they will be HAPPY to help list GOLOS to the Steem Engine exchange which will have MUCh more volume than the rudex! THIS CAN SAVE GOLOS and give it access to MANy new FEATURES liek a SCOTBOT TRIBE here https://steempeak.com/tribe and we can initalize a GOLOS scotbot site here: https://sto.steem-engine.com/#/launch/scotbot

Here is a screenshot of me buying the 36 Golos! 1 Penny each , 5 bitshares or 1 steem for 36 Golos.. I probably cant SELL them for that much but I hope to sell my Golos one day for $1 ... we just need to breath new life into Golos with steem engien and new DAPPS built on Golso for Gambling :D

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