I have bought an extra 3 thousand Golos over rudex, lets get golos added to steem engine


We can list golos on https://steem-engine.com just contact @aggroed on his discord https://discord.gg/HQs6u23 1000 ENg to list on Steem engine

come on lets do it!

they can ALSO create an EOSIO token for golos

and newdex will list golos for FREE we just need a community, 1000 eos token holders 9they have a bot to help with that) and just a working dapp which golos has, so we can totally list on newdex after doing eos-ex on steem engine discord by @someguy123 and @aggroed and then we have an EOSIo token for golos

then that EOSIO golos token can be listed on newdex giving it access to so much more trading volume...... then golos can concentrate on its EOSIO dapp and start with https://eostoolkit.io to allow the EOSIO golos token to stake. Users can then be rewarded in golos paid out for staking in small amounts.... @golos @golosio @golos.io @golos-io

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