Free TLOS for 100 Golos Users + I have a plan to bring Golos to telos using new Golos SMart Contract and Vapaee Listing - Possible Newdex Listing

I have Telos Tokens for Golos users

Make a Free Telos Wallet here

Post your Telos Wallet in a Golos Post

Post this link in this telegram We will start sending at least 100 Golos users 1 telos each, more as we organize airdrops using steem-engine.

We can currently airdrop TLOSP pegged Telos using steem-engine to any steem account. Post your steem account below to get 1 TLOSP

We have Tlos golos (GOLOSP pegged on telos) listed on vapaee DEX and possibly Newdex as they consider the token for telos trading zone.

SMart COntract


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