How Many Rubles per Golos?

How many rubles in one golos?
You need to display Golos Price in Rubles in red Square on Projectors. Why would the russian state be upset at this? Putin would love to see his own people's currency IF he understands it
We must show the nationalists in Russia the value of golos so we use golos in every russian school

we can email the russian school board and create: GOLOS DESIGN BUERAUE

First we must contact and get GOLOS on ETH and EOS with PGOLOS
They ask Ptokens to create PBTC and PETH on the Golos UIA system, They WILL learn it and make their own official assets here if you pay that little 2000 GBG fee :) They are Bitfinex's crew after all! They scaled BTC ETH LTC and many more on EOS and ETH


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