Golos Trading Competition on Steem-Engine, need help organizing and 100 Golos Reward to start, maybe 1000?

I need help organizing a trading competition on steem-engine for golosp



I can offer 100 Golos MAYBE 1000 for a reward to whoever can tradethe most golos in a day or a certain timeperiod, but I need to also show people how to go trade on steem engine AND I have 100 INV tokens to create 100 steem accounts for any golos users out theer who need one

https://invite.steem.ninja will let you create accounts and ill send you invite links just message me ackza on telegram im on the telegram golos channels https://chat.golosclassic.com also will soon go to golos english telegram chat where I seek to find new investors who want to invest in an ethical future for Russian people.

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07.10.2019 16:47