Golos-Classic Now trading on Steem-Engine.com DEX


Congrats to @blockchained dima , @fyrstikken @coinbank the golso telegram

Buy GolosP here: https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=GOLOSP

Golos Steem Engine Block Explorer


Deposit Instructions before the Deposit and Withdraw buttons are added by @beggars on steem-engine :D

Dima BLCKCHND, [05.10.19 03:53]
[Forwarded from Dima BLCKCHND]
SomeguyToday at 04:59
i'm proud to announce that the GOLOS support is now live on SteemEngine - at least on the backend
please do some testing, like so:
to deposit GOLOS on SteemEngine, thus receive GOLOSP, send GOLOS to steem-engine on the GOLOS network, with a memo like so:
GOLOSP yoursteemname
to withdraw GOLOSP back into GOLOS, send GOLOSP (use the wallet transfer function) to steem-tokens on the SteemEngine network, with a memo like so:
GOLOS yourgolosname

More info from @someguy123 about the update


the backend for steem-engine is powered by many of privex's projects:
this is the main project which handles deposits/withdrawals for steem-engine (other than STEEMP)
a unified API for handling cryptocurrencies - this package is used by both steem-engine's CryptoToken Converter backend, AND privex's payment gateway for servers
a big mish mash of various functions used throughout many of our projects, including CTC
used for communication with various coin daemons, such as bitcoin, litecoin, monero etc.
used by CTC for interacting with the SteemEngine network (for sending/receiving things like DOGEP, GOLOSP, BTCP etc.)
used for handling logging in most privex projects, both internal and public ones on github

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@ackza great news for classic!

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Всё что не делается - делается к лучшему.

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