Buying 500 Golos Golos is ABOVE Bitcoin CASH in Transactions according to Blocktivity. Golos is still #17 Blockchain in terms of activity and I believe we will see Golos return to $1.60 from the $0.006 its at now

Ok so Golos is ABOVE Bitcoin CASH on @blocktivity and is #17 Blockchain in terms of transactions

This is so funny to see Bitcoin Cash the 5 BILLION dollar blockchain TWO positions UNDER Golos! the NEW golos blockchain is now ABOVE bitcoin cash.... YEAH... and you laugh at golos? HEY if you don't take seriously this @blocktivity website then what DO you take seriously? Golos IS a force to be wreckoned with.... as is Russia. Everyone knows the sterotypical russian hacker... imagine thousands of them all working to buy up large amounts of their OWN "Russian Bitcoin" while it is under 1 penny.. it HAS been over $1.60 so its the perfect DREAM machine

I am buying 500 Golos for like 70 Bitshares here in or Openledger
I am on my way to 100K Golos. I believe in this golos CLASSIC the NEW golos that forked out their own version fo steemitinc. (Watch out steemit inc.. we might wake up and there is a fork that forks steemit inc oiut of the project with no one coming to their aid

If it could happen in Golos, it could happen in Steem if steemit inc doesnt pay attention and we had some serious secret consensus between enough witnesses... if the @bittrex @binance or @poloniex wallets were on a new steem that edid not have steemit inc accounts , then it would be over, steemit inc could have their steem forked... it can happen... @steem @steemit would have to actually vote for witness and centralize too much to prevent it so steemit inc can have their stake forked out ... it happened on Golos....


I feel RESPECT from Russians now on Golos being someone who REMAINED and NEVER sold their golos power, (even when i sold my steempower!) and I ALWAYS kept posting on Golos and now Im earning good GBG! Its not much in USD value but for golos i feel grateful as most users dont get that much GBG per post.

Golos has been at $1.60 and now its $0.006 so that is over 200 times increase it could experience if we go back to all time high.

Come to the discord server and have fun with ASS tokens I can make you a FREE steem account (when INV is back online) and I can give you DOGECOIn and CRYPTO PESOs so COME to the discoed

@steemspeak where the trolls are your BOSS

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@ackza Awesome man, thank you for supporting us!

04.09.2019 08:39


we will see Golos return to $1.60 from the $0.006 its at now

Golos never was $1.60, so it can't "return" to this price. Our ATH is 50 cents. Although of course it would be fantastic to see $1.60 )))

05.09.2019 21:24
6 oh sory, i could have sworn itw as opver $1.60 maybe itw as just $0.60 but i swear man,,.... its mandella effect... they erased the real hisrtory of golos from history books lol. NEVER FORGET $1.60 golos ... lol :D

05.10.2019 16:08
0 How did yoru comment have 148 golos without any upvotes? :D

05.10.2019 16:08

@ackza Hi! It seems like the site only remembers the payout size and casts off uovotes after 7 days.

05.10.2019 18:26