American Movie about COLLUSUS and GAURDIAN US and Russian Super COmputers that take over the world!

Russian GAURDIAN computer, hahaha G for GOLOS

watch here free lol

When the US and Russian Computers connect, Science progresses in Hundreds of years in a matter of seconds
new golos logo?
image.pngcome to to speak with @avral a golos witness who can help ME explain to YOU that we need you ALl to grab 1 TLOS from me in his chat and i will distribute TELOS to Golos users
i failed to get @someguy123 to finish the peg for golosontelos and golosoneosio TLSO and EOS smatrt contracts . he made them haha but eh never pegged them and activated his own shitty gateway
now we have coming for PHIVE PGOLOS (classic) etc

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