List ANY EOS token against any OTHER EOS token (TLOS WAX BOS XPR even PBTC USDT!

Ever wanted to List a Token against Bitcoin or USDT tether? now you can with ALCOR for just 10 EOS! (And soon you can CREATE an EOS telos or wax token for EOS as well!

As you can see just list any token for any token!


I just tried it for PBTC and SAND so people can deposit BTC and buy and sell SAND, (or eos) and then withdraw BACK to BTC

I just made a listing for PBTC and SAND!

Now you can trade SAND for BTC and withdraw to Main net Bitcoin!
Deposit BTC here to then trade for SAND here:


CHECK IT OUT and talk to avral here for technical details!

Updated just now
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