UrbanSpace Vanderbilt: check out this fantastic new food hall

 Checked out UrbanSpace on Monday and was blown away – and btw, we were there at about 2:30pm and it was still jam-packed. Absolutely the coolest food/booths, great vibe, and plenty of seating.  In UrbanSpace’s own words: the market is intended to be a place to experience the intersection of food, community, and design.It’s just north of Grand Central at 45th Street and Vanderbilt Avenue (230 Park is the official address).  Hours are M-F: 6:30AM – 9PM and S-S: 9AM – 5PM. It opened exactly 4 weeks ago.There are over 20 chef-driven restaurants on location including Roberta’s Pizza from Bushwick, Toby’s Estate Coffee, Red Hook Lobster Pound, La Palapa, Bangkok Bar, Mimi’s Hummus, Ovenly, Sigmund’s, and Dough.  Only two booths were not busy the entire time we were there on Monday so I imagine there will be some slight turnover over the next few months.Super impressed by UrbanSpace – had no idea they had been around for over 30 years and have built markets in London and New York (including Mad Sq Eats, Union Sq. Holiday Market, Broadway Bites). They’re also offering co-working spaces with UrbanSpace Works in Union Square. 

 Photos below: 


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