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What TecraCoin is aiming to is to promote science, to promote and commercialize patented, high-end technologies and they are inviting investors and general people to invest in these patented technologies through TecraCoin. Tecra team have been working hard to ensure that TecraCoin is not just another Whitepaper-based project or ICO with no product, no real usecase, no intrinsic value, and no real benefits to the world and crypto community at large. TecraCoin is real, and if you check them out on Twitter and Telegram, you will for yourself that it is working!

Graphene First

This article is about Graphene, the technology that TecraCoin and its team analyzed for several months before they decided that it will be the first technology that will be commercialized. 

After several months of research and analysis, it is safe to say that Tecra team did their homework about Graphene. Tecra team believes that the advancement of Graphene’s laboratory test and its applications will catapult it to find the widest markets. Graphene is a technology that find its applications very useful in several fields including Chemistry, Medicine and Energy.

Whether it is the field of chemistry where the properties of Graphene materials produced by INTiBS PAN have the amazing impact on properties of several chemical products or in the field of medicine when the antibacterial of Graphene oxide can be used in medical accessories like bandage, gels, ointments, etc. or the field of energy where porous form of Graphene exhibit great properties to use as active material in new energy saving light sources, one thing is absolutely certain, and it is the fact that Tecra team really put efforts into this project and they could not have chosen a better project to start with. 

Apart from these aforementioned fields, Graphene can still be applied in several other areas such MOTORBIKE HELMET, GRAPHENE POLYIMIDE FIBER, GRAPHENE WATER ULTRAFILTRATION MEMBRANE and so on.

Graphene is said to distributes the impact force better than any other material which in turn leads to production of a more durable helmet that can greatly improve safety. Graphene-polyimide fiber is an improvement over the traditional fiber and can bring innovation and necessary upgrade. Graphene water Ultrafiltration membrane is useful for wastewater treatment, municipal water supply, and seawater desalination.

Today, TecraCoin can boast of first in the world bulb Graphene light, a laser inducted white light of graphene foam and it is called Graphene High-Power Lighting. Tecra science team have done their research on graphene foam and the result shows great potential in its application in high power lighting devices excited by microwave technique. These devices are useful in large areas and street lighting because they are characterized by emission efficiency.

According to Tecra team, this technology is currently at the third level of technological readiness and are looking for an investor ready for cooperation so as to be develop this amazing invention and commercialize it.

Tecra Ltd therefore invites you to be a part of history, to invest in technologies that will shape the world we are living in. Get TecraCoins and be a part of hi-tech revolution and as Krzysztof Piech, the CEO of TecraCoin said, the value of TecraCoin is backed with patented graphene technology, so not all cryptos are “based on thin air” with no value to the world.

TecraCoin Specifications

TecraCoin is going to latoken Exchange in the next few weeks for Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), as a wise investor, you will be doing yourself a huge favour if you get TecraCoin.

TecraCoin is bringing patented high-end technologies to the world, graphene is just the first of many. See you at the moon.

Kindly visit the following official links for more Indepth information about Graphene and TecraCoin;

Website: https://tecracoin.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/G0cfwFLm0ZgYwQenGrjuCg

Bitcointalk Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5059685

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TecraCoin

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