Function X : A Bold Step Towards The Complete Decentralization Of The Internet

Now is another wonderful opportunity for me to review a crypto project that's working assiduously to decentralized the Internet thereby giving us back right to our privacy and digital data. Their first product is out which is a blockchain-enabled smartphones built on Function X ecosystem. The name of the project is Function X and this article will be use to share light about it and its benefits to us all.

Function X is being conveyed to us by the team behind Pundi X which to some extent is an household name in cryptocurrency industry. The team of Pundi X believes in harnessing blockchain technology and devise means to incorporate it into our daily life thereby making it better.

Because of this, the team has already resolved not to relent in looking for ways in creating new applications for blockchain innovation. This same spirit led them to create the world first working blockchain-enabled point of sales (POS) device and now it has led them to the creation of first blockchain-enabled smartphone with dual operating system mode.

The team revealed this to the public last year in XBlockchain Summit at the Inaya Putri Bali, they presented it to the public in the submit and made the first world's first blockchain call the device. This device called XPhone does not centralized cellular operators before it can work, it functions independently without them, this is truly amazing.

XPhone run on the Function X operating system which is another breakthrough product of Pundi X. Function X as a blockchain ecosystem is a blockchain protocol designed by Pundi X with features and capacity that is able to solve most problems currently facing many blockchain platform. It is highly flexible and scalable when compare to others and it is also fully decentralized. Function X will truly disrupt the way we share any kind of data thereby leading to a truly decentralized Internet.

Function X goes beyond your normal public blockchain network, it is made up of of 5 core components which makes it to be a complete decentralized solution. These components are: Function X OS, Function X Blockchain, Function X IPFS, FXTP Protocol, and the Function X Docker. They work together with the sole aim of decentralizing all apps, website, communications and data.

The Function X OS for XPhone is based off the Android OS 9.0, which makes it to be backward compatible to Android apps. The simple meaning to this is that one can decide to switch the phone mode to Android mode and enjoy all the benefits of Android smartphone. Developers can also make use of Function X OS to build blockchain-enabled devices which will further make devices built on it to go viral.

In the ecosystem of Function X, a different system is use instead of the current http protocol of the internet. The system used includes F(X) OS, F(X) Chain, F(X) FXTP, F(X) Docker and F(X) IPFS to serve the requests of decentralized Internet. Every device on the ecosystem will a node on its own with its own address and private key which will be linked to their node names and this make it differs from traditional URL and IP address.

The process of transmitting data runs on a complex exchange of public and private key data and encryption which ensures communication without interception and gives direct access to users to the data shared by others. The chain keeps records of any information shared or received through it.

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