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Why Should You Choose ONIZ? ...

What is the ONIZ Token? ....

Token ONIZ is a Token that provides value for payments made by the ONIZ Fund in the future as a basis for developing ONIZ technology. The ONIZ Fund is a decentralized opensource fund and helps participants to raise capital and create sub-projects with ONIZ tokens. With a strong multi-chain wallet system, ONIZ allows the integration of crypto payments into everyday life and online payments such as Online Games, Sport Bet, Online Casino, Money Games, E-Banking.

Details of ONIZ Tokens

  1. Name: ONIZ Token 
  2. Symbol
    1. ONZ
      3. Total Token Supply: 8 Billion Tokens. 
      4. Smart Contract: ETH

      ONIZ opens a lot of interesting things for investors, such as online casinos, soccer bets, escrow investments bring huge profits to investors up to 30% per month. ONIZ provides an opportunity to tip tips to win up to 80-85% according to the AI ​​ONIZ algorithm.

      The ITO concept is ONIZ enhancing from the ICO in 2017 and the IEO in 2019. ITO is a breakthrough that creates separate market crypto. From the weaknesses of the ICO and IEO ONIZ launched the ITO ecosystem in ONIZ. ONIZ is the first ITO which also pioneered the concept of safe.

      ONIZ provides insurance reserves for investors. ONIZ will buy back the number of tokens sold, making transparency for investors. The ONIZ insurance policy bought it as follows. After the end of Round 1 sales, ONIZ will buy back the ONIZ Token. See the video information above.

      According to the ITO Process, if you have an ONZ from Round 1 to 0.008 USD and save to Round 6, the price is 0.025, meaning that the price has increased more than 3 times. After completing the ITO, the ONIZ token will be transferred to the ONIZ fund deposit platform, creating growth and development goods for the community besides the broker.

      ONZ will be used in many areas of the ONZ ecosystem for those who remain ONZ can pawn ONZ and borrow 75% of the money with the ONZ you have. With a target of 3 million members in the first 6 months of operation and the price of ONZ reaching 0.5 USD at the beginning of 2020.

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