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In the crypto-system today, there have been peculiar situation plaguing the system, a situation where an IP creator looses his or her item once it is sold or transferred. On the other hand, customers have also experienced a situation where they have to pay for a low quality product or a fake item, they need the assurance that the item they paid for or about to buy is authentic and not a fake.

Consumers have continued to use an archaic method to verify the authenticity of their collectibles. The COLLETRIX platform is putting an end to all that and bringing customers, merchandisers and IP creators into a future era.

Colletrix is a platform that is supported by very innovative team, they are UNDONE, Animoca Brands, Future Arena and Bitwork Accelerator. The goal of the platform is to metamorphose the ownership of IP, they tend to do so by introducing a protection and permanent value for IP owners via tokenization. They also will provide merchandisers and consumers with trust and guarantee that their purchased products are authentic.

The Colletrix Collaboration

Ethereum Smart Contract : Ethereum blockchain makes it easy to use smart contracts, the smart contract stores important information that concerns digital asset and allows automatic execution which is based on if-then conditions coded into the contract. Colletrix makes use of this to draw lines and set limits on how many times an IP NFT can be made a merchandise, it also ensures that original IP owners gets a licensing fee acquired from every NFT trade.
Blockchain : NFT makes their information and records transparent on the blockchain, by so doing every customer can easily track data and be rest assured that data is untampered. Since blockchain is known for affordability, security and the absence of trust.

ERC-721 : the ERC-721 protocol os used for its unfungible token (NFT). Every NFT stands for a special IP. The ERC-721 tokens are seen on the Ethereum blockchain, which happens to be one of the widest public chains in the world.

Colletrix Mission

The Colletrix platform strives to create a new market value through the integration of IP tokenization. Once NFT is introduced, the integration of the old and new economy will commence. Thereby they will increase the possibility of every IP owner and creator all around the world to create a lasting license term for their IP, merchandisers will be offered a new market value on every of their merchandise via the application of blockchain.

Vision of Colletrix

The Colletrix platform looks forward to a world where the new and old economy is merged to create a brand new economy and economic model that will maximize the benefits of all participants.

Current issues confronting the merchandise industry

Merchandise counterfeiting : one of the issues confronting the merchandise industry is counterfeiting a product, so many mimics and loo-likes, thereby confusing a customer and even the merchandiser, this has caused the reduction in value of the original product, and worse reduces the trust a consumer has in the product. This kind of situation is common in luxury products including watches, jewelries, sneakers,

Lack of popularity for blockchain technology: it is not a good news that as much as the growth of cryptocurrency, yet so many people are still in a cross-roads and in the dark, not knowing anything about the blockchain technology, and this has limited people from involving themselves in the cryptomarket.

Colletrix Solution

CIPX Pairing : the Colletrix platform will provide and develop a pairing ,market where NFTs can be purchased with the use of CIPX. Even as the NFT marketplace continues to provide more IP designs and merchandise products.

NFT Trading Marketplace: Every NFT is special in itself, this implies that every one of the NFT has a potential infinite marketplace value and a collectible appeal for traders and collectors.The Holders of NFT will be able to trade it with other traders in the NFT marketplace with CIPX.

Token Details

Road Map


The Colletrix platform will help IP owners and creators to gain from their product via licensing, where they will be able to create a lasting licensing for their items, on the other hand they will help customers and merchandisers to be rest assured that their products are authentic and real. Colletrix looks forward to an era where IP creators and owners are rewarded and fake products are permanently removed from the market given way for the original product.

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