This Nestree messenger app is a plan made by great professionals to remedy the hampering in effective and confidential communication. It is strategically designed on the DLT and also wired to function with cryptocoins just like other innovations on the system. This program has the ability to reward its users in different way. It has provision for all the users to use a quality wallet which can serve them as a trading tool to access all other types of coins and also exchange they might want to do in the program. It is such a quality program to use and to see soucu advantage. It has the best sophistication and has created a great space for all its users to communicate in real time and also advertise as well.

In this program there are lot of channels to join to advertise and also add values to in the most comfortable way. They can be accessed easily and other users can join without any difficulties. It is such an interactive program and very sociable. There is easy monetizing of products and incentives for its actually users. It is more preferred to the existing system of chatting because it introduces a group chat feature and a way to meet new people on the program. As a perfectly decentralised system, its economy remains safe and very reliable for all the purpose it is made to serve even up to the use of the wallet and the token.

It has been able to overcome the present challenges of slow growth in the telecom industry and will succeed in sustaining this advantage it has. Participants in this program can be rewarded through their engagement with posts especially when they view ads put up by the other members. Using this program is very much easy since it involves the use of the EGG Token which plays a major role in the system. The project has the solid support of the DLT and by that it is strong enough to handle all the problems with communication through its messenger app. The method of incentives in this program makes users able to function well in it and have something to look forward to as they enjoy the efficiency of the services provided in this ecosystem. The EGG token is an ERC-20 token that allows the placement of ads and is also what views get for viewing. Holding this token validates a users membership and ensures the growth of the program.

There are a lot of ways to get incentives in nestree, one of them is to invite others to join the program. This is never hard on any of the users because all they have yo do is invite those who are closer to them like their family members and those who are like friends while they get their incentives . This program is called the referral program which the users have to participate in to grow the network. The tokens given as reward in this case is sent to the users wallet directly and of course in the wallet they have the ability to trade or exchange to other coins of their choice. Then operations in this program is perfectly transparent and follows an automatic pattern.

For every contents owned in this system, the owners must have joined a channel where they can make their profit off the goods they put up for sale on such channels. Nestree will help establish the perfect relationship between the creators of every contents in the community and those who use them. As that is done the difference is seen and appreciated in it unless what was faced in the traditional model. The way creators are incentives for the quality stuffs they introduce to the community makes them want to keep doing that, with this they have the best drive and motivation to do what they do.

One very unique thing about the adverts placed in any of the Nestree community is that others can also share them if they love what they see and can decide to be a partaker. The EGG token will remain the currency which the program recognizes and in which all channel operators must acknowledge.

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