With recent development in tech, so many new things have been discovered and is of course they all sum up to what makes the sector in which they were created in better. This same thing has kept occurring even in the telecom sector that affects communication. The old ways of communicating with others have undergone series of evolution and now the best is just around the corner with this latest innovation pn the blockchain called Nestree. Nestree is a very strong and effective messenger app that is better off that than the traditional one. It is a perfect means of communicatinh with friends and family using a dapp that has been designed for this purpose.

The team behind this network have provided a platform where safe conversation can be exchanged in a social network called Nestree in the most convenient manner. The platform is safer, strong and very social. In it users can benefit in so many ways and grow their business also. It presents thw most convenient method of chatting and follows the set plan of the team. The source of this platform is Korea and there the team have collaborated on this to make communication services more effective. Now the perfect structure havls been formed with the necessary social services and the features that will best make that possible. Users confidentiality is no more at stake with it because now the blockchain is involved in the process and the privacy advantage will be leveraged.

Through perfect encryption, information can be kept secret and safe. Now it is very important to give high priority to this platform, to make use of it and enjoy it. The blockchain will make it impossible for any hacks to be made on any user's communication such that they can sustain their privacy and be free to communicate the way it suits them best. This will prevent loss in so many companies that uses this medium as a means of reaching their clients and also for individuals that disclose such financiaI confidential information over to their partners. Since hacks will be prevented, then individuals can grow their businesses well and prevent all forms of loss at the same time.

It is very important to use this project since there is no other means to enjoy rewards and a very protective platform in the telecom Industry. The app has been developed such that all users with different devices can find the app that way suit their devices. iOS and Androids that are commonly used will make use of the app as their preferred social messaging app.

It has the best features that makes messaging very easy. It allows the best interraction with others and tell creation of different communities for all manner of social activities like advertising and posting of contents. Advertisers can easily select the channel on join and form the perfect relationship with the other members of the group they are and can freely give out what they have as services or as products to be purchased through their adverts. These adverts makes them able to share to the public whatsoever they have to offer them and also for them to raise profit for themselves. Users however get rewarded when they view statuses and also for their continuous engagement with it.
There is also a wallet for trading which is made available. This ensure the effective p2p transactions and the storage of the EGG token which is the coin used in the network.

The growth of the telecom sector will be improved with this program, and likewise will it do the same for the blockchain and the use of cryptocoins. Then as it does that, communication will be enhanced and made to be the best that could possibly be achieved. There would be non of the existing problems or difficulties which can occur again. The project will achieve complete revolutionization and the team will remain on the desk working on how to make it a better version of itself.

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