Talking about the things that are made possible by the public ledger chain, effective dialoguing has been made possible. There have been so many applications of this immutable ledger tech in many sectors and of course it has done so well in their improvement and how the stakeholders are profited off it. Now there is a new formed structure that is capable of establishing privacy when it comes to chatting. It is a social setup with great benefits for the people and has emerged as a strong community for adequate advertisment for the merchants in it. This is the Nestree program.


This is a platform, having a decentralised DApp which can be used by the people for any their social activities. It is launched to end the demerits of the Telecom industry. Now many people can join and relate well using this messenger app, thus forming a great community. This Innovation will become very popular, allowing access from far and wide and at the same time will enjoy massive adoption. It will make its features easily accessible, allowing people to create useful account and also to converse better. The tools in it will help attract more people up to the extent that it will become more useful that the common Facebook messenger we have known for a while.


The community will have active group chats with great number of people to participate in any group they prefer, there is also a number of business model in it and a very reliable way to advertise products and services to the clients. This can be seen as a reward program where the advertisers distributes reward at all times to those who like their services and it is a more effective program than others. The exiting messenger in the traditional setup are not as effective as this one as they have so much lacked in many way. They have provided inconsistent services and have discouraged most of their subscribers. Nestree is a very advanced network with great admins to look after the activities of people. The activities of this new DApp is quite interesting, interactive and also impressing especially with the way it steadily award rewards to the people. It offers freedom for advertisers in it and protect all the user's interest such that they do what they want and nothing is forced upon them.

It provides rewards on invitation. I.e the incumbents can refer those who might also be interested to get themselves some reward. This is the basic way it keeps growing without even making publicity or announcement. Those invited can join any community they desire to join, make new friends as well and also choose to gain benefits by referring others. There is nothing hard about using this DApp because it has great tools and is user friendly. There are spaces for as many hundred of thousands of people coming into the program and there are groups for them to join. Advertisers can easily place their ads in any channel they belong to and having the Marketing advantage without any limitations.

This is a program for all content providers and consumers to work together, exchange values and also make money. It is very easy to do business within the ecosystem because its a very sociable network. As long as a user is able to relate well with the other people and build cordial relationship, they will have an advantage in Marketing.


This program has what it takes to revamp the telecom industry. people are provided a suitable wallet which makes their functions easier in the ecosystem. This is where they get to store all their rewards and also for trading. There is adequate transparency with the innovation, the use of smartcontracts are encouraged for the perfection of the services so that all the processes. The app is available for download in the play store medium and there is also the one made for other types of devices asides the Android devices. There will be comfortability of usage once the user set up his account on it and earning can begin right away.

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