Looking for a way to get things done in the most convenient way without much struggle, Mycro was created. This project was built on the tech of the blockchain and is designed into a decentralised app for mobile use in smartphones as it is created on the ethereum chain. It aims to solve the problems with the existing system of job creation and is working towards revolutionizing the whole sector at once. This solution brought by the project will be an economy changing and improving one for all to use and have the improvement in many ways. It wont just be a solution for the present generation but also for the next generation which will be more effective and productive. MYCRO is the difference in the community and will definitely thrive.


This is a great economy that plans to boost the economy through job creation and all other types of services all over the world. It plans to affect the lives of the majority positively through its impact and make its services first and the best.

It gives everyone the chance to get a job, hire people to work for them and also make the payments fast. The users must just possess a skill or more to get started. Thanks to MYCRO for this very easy and wonderful innovation that is laid on the digital network. The blockchain will further aid this process and make it more transparent as all these processes takes place online. Third parties will be eliminated from the works and operations will be very transparent and rewarding. As the project goes on and is used, more and more people will be reached later in the years and thw community will keep expanding.

Those are the sole aim of MYCRO job having being created to improve how we live and the type of work we do so that we can have money and time to use in any situation of our lifes. It simply brings the balance to work and uses the MYO token that is built on this same tech and it would be controlled by smartcontracts.


This project involves getting any job done in the p2p ecosystem and getting people to improve their income as they work. The platform will be improving the work-life balance of the users and eliminating the problems of money. The platform will involve the masses and all the workers that wish to get a side hustle or an extra stream of income. They will be able to make it in this platform. Now, all they need to use is the blockchain, the blockchain really supports the network because bit could never do better in another network.

This platform have its main usecase in jobs and interaction between workers and the employers. It makes reward getting very simple and allows people to create jobs of their own and employ others. MYCRO will grow the community in no time and make many people successful at the end of the day. It is already doing its crowdfunding program and will soon be lauched for the programs to start properly. It will achieve full expansion in the shortest possible time. The team hope to build a really great platform that adapts to the demands and the activities of the users. This is the reason for its great websites and how its page have been given a good landscaping. The technical part of the project is also set and ready to enlarge the market with its tools and other social components.


The back of this project decentralisation no doubt and that is what will make it keep growing. The changes will be achieved gradually and millions of job seekers from all over the world will be satisfied. The power of the DLT will be tapped and exploited so well to handle the program. Then nothing will be a challenge to the users in the ecosystem. Payments and other things will be faster and safe transactions will be initiated across the network. This project will extend to serve other users in the coming generations because it has future potentials also and won't fail.

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