Nestree – A Community-Like Messenger Platform using Blockchain Technology

Communication is one of the major aspects of human existence, as it empowers individuals to share ideas and create new thoughts about certain issues. With the growth of social media and proliferation of mobile apps for easier interactions on the go, it is evident that the community industry, especially the ones facilitated via the Internet, is on a pedestal for growth.

In the same regard, the decentralized community led by the blockchain has fashioned out new ways to communicate by taking advantage of the redistributed ledger technology (DLT). One of such platforms that are set to reinvent over-the-air interactions is Nestree .

What is Nestree?
Nestree platform is founded on two solid architectures, which are communication and rewards. Besides the community-like communication ecosystem, Nestree also created an avenue for users to earn token rewards anytime they interact through mobile apps. Interestingly, this proposition and many others from the project couldn’t have come at a better time, because users would now have more reason to interact through the medium, courtesy of the incentive and unified ecosystem.

Rewards for Participants
One of the ways you can earn rewards is to become a contributor. Being a contributor in the sense that you have to be active, thereby, showing your zeal in the offerings of the project, which in turn, facilitates your chances at winning some tokens.

You can earn rewards by creating contents that would be distributed across the massive user base on Nestree. There is also an opening for referrals, where users would get a certain amount of tokens for inviting friends into the platform. In addition to this is the possibility of earning rewards anytime you interact with adverts on the platform and the messenger application.

Crypto Wallet and Exchange
Aside from the swift interactions and income generation through active participation, users can also use the platform as a cryptocurrency wallet of users. This is true considering the fact that Nestree allows you to store notable coins like Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC), and other crypto coins like EOS and other ERC-20 based tokens.

Nestree also has a built-in exchange of sorts that allows you to trade your earned tokens or any other supported cryptocurrency without necessarily signing up to any cryptocurrency exchange platform. All you need do is to choose the digital asset (crypto coin/token) to trade, set the duration you expect to trade, initiate a trade request, and trade the tokens or coins as the case may be.

Send/Receive Crypto
Do you envisage a time when cryptocurrencies could be sent via chat? That time is now because Nestree allows you to send crypto coins and tokens to your friends and family through the Android and Apple-compatible mobile applications. Simply choose the recipient, enter the amount or value of the cryptocurrency to be sent, enter your password, and the transaction would be processed instantly like the speed of light.

The Role of the Nestree Token
Nestree has a built-in native token called, “EGG”. This would be used to reward deserving participants. It also serves as the means of payment by companies running adverts and promotions within the platform and the messenger application.

Token Sales Information

The Team and partners

Token Information
Token Name: Nestree Token
Ticker: EGG
Role of Token: Utility
Token Supply: 3 billion
Token Standard: ERC-20
Exchange Rate at token sale: 1 EGG = $0.01 USD


It's crystal clear that Nestree has a great project vision. Coupled with a wonderful product and great partnerships, Nestree will ameliorate drawbacks of existing communication channels.

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