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Alive Casino: The Dual Cryptographic Casino

Gambling had often been attributed to sports but there are some other segments where gambling takes root. Casinos in the traditional environment are normally patronized by gamblers not for fun but to spin profits. Hence, gambling is also provisioned for casinos.
Alive Casino is a blockchain-powered platform that aims at rebirthing the already-withering casino gambling industry. The input of the platform is coming at a time when the gambling industry as a whole is on its rapid rise with over 15% increase predicted for the coming year.

Existing Problem:
The blockchain technology had been applied in some other industries such as finance and health and now, the stage is set for its application in the casino industry with special preference for the gambling outlook.
Alive Casino had positioned itself as solution to issues that are inherent in the industry. There is growing appeal for relevant technologies such as the blockchain and virtual reality but sadly, these have not been applied in casinos. Though thriving as much as it could, online casino gambling had not been worthwhile because neglect had been made of the technologies that could have propped it up to greater heights.
There have been tons of online casino platforms that have been in the being since the coming of Bitcoin. However, Alive Casino argues that these have limited life-span when compared with the fiat counterpart especially in the light of its open-source that allows easy entry. The platform instead opines that numerous problems facing the cryptocurrency casino platforms can be solved with mere application of social media and other innovative features. Hence, Alive Casino patterns itself after the durable physical casinos and also uses popular technologies such as VR.

Alive Casino’s Technologies:
The platform is not the first to use the blockchain or cryptographic currency for decentralized casino gambling but is the first to use Virtual Reality. The use of the blockchain is not far-fetched from its decentralization and security.

Alive Casino features Virtual Reality making it the first time the technology would be used on decentralized casino gambling. The idea is to help gamers experience the world of 3D gaming without necessarily leaving the comfort of their beds. The platform also integrates traditional casino games to enhance user experience and hopes to keep gaming on the platform vibrant.

Gamers are availed first-time opportunity of playing and viewing casino games in any position and angle they chose. The virtual reality casino on the platform opens doors to betting with immediate payout, slot machines and live dealers. Games will certainly be at home with the impressive game features made available on the platform. Other games made available are casino suite, fantasy sports and poker.


Why Alive Casino?
The platform not only offers the best game experience using the influence of the blockchain and VR but also promises security with its blockchain-foothold. There is also efficient smart contracting for transparent transactions and scalable transactions using the blockchain in cutting off middlemen and implementing peer transactions.

Alive Casino has its ecosystem filled with amazing features that gamers wouldn’t want to miss. The ecosystem offer four-point products such as incentives for token holders. Token holders whose tokens are stored in the Alive Hold Wallet will benefit from the 40% profits that would be distributed to token holders in addition to receiving incentives in other coins every three months.

Payments are tendered by deposition of gamers’ tokens and cryptocurrencies before they commence gaming. Accounts can be funded using other supported cryptographic currencies aside the AL token.

Finally, Alive Casino increases the market value of its token by creating scarcity. This is implemented by quarterly burning of 5% of total AL tokens available at the time.


Token Distribution
Crowd-sales: 70%
Research and Development: 5%
Team: 15%
Bounty: 3%
Initial Casino Bankroll: 4%
Initial Operating Costs: 3%

AL Token specifications
Ticker: AL
Platform: Ethereum
Token Standard: ERC-20
Token Supply: 1 billion
Soft Cap: $10 million USD
Hard Cap: $30 million USD
Exchange Rate: 1 AL= $0.15 USD
Accepted Currency: Ethereum
Country: Costa Rica
Restricted Areas: The USA, China

Alive Casino’s experienced Team

Final Thoughts:
The rise in technology had led to the creation of the blockchain and till this moment, other technologies such as virtual reality are rearing up their hands. Alive Casino, in its bid to improve the casino gambling industry had settled for VR in addition to the blockchain as means of increasing the market potential of the industry. This would become basis for further development of cryptographic casino gambling in future.

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