For a while now, the blockchain has been the latest buzz. Almost everyone have something to say about and are all hoping to have something to do with it. Eventually, there is a platform to bring everyone to use the vast ledger innovation at last. That is this NESTREE platform that is established to serve the purpose of communication globally. The blockchain's ability to develop and use smartcontracts has helped the team in the development of NESTREE and so much has been done to keep the problems of the telecom sector at Bay for users to have no difficulties reaching others with lesser cost.


This is a very effective communication network using crypto to function. It has a chat messenger feature that provides a secured space of users to chat endlessly will thw dApps ruled by smartcontracts. There is no use making use of the existing community that have proved to be in secured. It high time they are dumped to embrace this new Innovation that has greater potentials.


The old system of communication has suffered the lack of blocks that can be used by each users, all they have resorted to is the sharing of the available blocks and the poor node system. That is the way it has been manipulated so far without any hope for improvement but on the contrary, NESTREE has sufficient node system, the blocks are made for each independent users and their is no limit to the blocks that can be created since the blockchain itself is an endless chain. The advance network is responsible for the creation and distribution of contents and it is big enough for that in addition to the function of communication it will enable. It is a massive social network where you can easily make new friends, advertise and also catch fun. Users will earn rewards, have access to endless stream of contents and also get the priviledges of subscribing to any channel of choice. Users earn on publishing contents and also give rewards to their audience. The times of being bound to a poor platform is over with NESTREE. It provides freedom for users and allow them make choices that is very beneficial to them. Advertisers, writers, and other content providers have their home in Nestree since their is no limit to their works and how they are able to relate with their clients.

For every referred person, there is a reward for that user. This project uses a messaging app where they can communicate with their loved ones without being charged. The community is very large, full of flexible features and also maintains its credible features which makes it unique. To many, it will be a source of income since users will be paid to view ads put up in it. So the more ads a person is able to view determines the money that comes in. It has a community messenger app as well, and that is where it coordinates the paid adverts. The app is free anyway and has been designed to be suitable for this purpose. Ads of various form will be available, and users will get to relate with the ones that means something to them or they can just view for the fun of it.

There is a wallet provision which comes with the app. The wallet is made to allow the use of the EGG, i.e the token of this platform and to store the earned money. Users can trade with the EGG token and also transact with it. They can decide to convert the EGG to other coins and keep them in the wallet too. Minimum fees are required for any of those services while the token remains useful for whatever is done in the ecosystem.


Nestree functions best with the EGG and of course users will be limited without it. It has its own exchange where its users must trade easily without having to undergo the stress of using other platforms. Rewards will always be available for users especially the ads viewers. Communication has taken a new pattern with NESTREE and there is never going to be a way to compromise on the solutions provided.

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