There is a big loophole of unemployment to be filled globally. This is one of the major problem the world at large face and there is no actual solution pinpointed out yet. This has been the cause of many illicit activities of people, frauds and many more affecting both great and small but it has reached the dead end with the rise of this platform called Mycro.

This new Innovation "Mycro" is an heavy concept to be used and enjoyed for people with no job or unsatisfactory ones. It also serves as a community where employers provide jobs endlessly to the ever ready employees. This project will make earning easy and reliable because all that is needed by the workers is just their active profile and their readiness to use any skill they have.

The mycro innovation creates job opportunity for endless population of workers and make the able to spend their time earning and exchanging services. They will also be adding values to the employer as well as to the ecosystem itself. Now the lack of money problems of many will be solved and those who lacked the time to do some works will put them out for workers to do for them while they pay them. This platform is more like a two way advantageous network with benefit to the jobbers and employers. This platform will make short term and long term work available for people to do and get money from it. Also, the employers in it will simply give out jobs and have more to handle more businesses.

This platform has been designed to help those that are ready to save their time by allowing them to give out jobs like home services jobs and other online jobs. With these time would be saved and the work to be done will be completed. The reward system of the project make the employers in it able to pay in cryptocurencies.

Many participants from far and wide will take part in this platform and the intelligent algorithm will be used to coordinate the program. The employers will have access to check the profiles of jobbers to ve granted jobs before granting jobs to it is very important for the users to set their profiles and make it good.

This platform has a perfect means of interaction for those involved. Jobbers will be able to socialize and connect with others as well as those that will give jobs in the platform. In some cases, especially when the home services jobs are to be given, employers will make sure those to be employed are close by and reachable for effectiveness in communication. This will have a positive impact in the system and safe time in doing the jobs by oneself.

The token used is MYO in this platform. All thw participants will make use of it for their transactions and payments within the community and at the same time it will serve as a promotional tool for the project. The token is built on the ethereum chain and also an ERC-20 token for utilities. It would be averagely issued to be used in the platform by all users. It will be sold privately and publicly for as many users to attain it by purchasing as much as they can afford.

This platform will make it easy for someone to entrust jobs to people with good profiles on the network and have them fulfilled the way they are to be done. Also, effective communication will be achieved through its application that will foster the operation and third parties won't have control over such activities. The best interface of work is already constructed on the application, with this feature, the app becomes very simple to operate and will require no assistance when it is being used. Mycro will make a lot of difference amongst the other projects. The limitations of many freelance network will also be broken so that each workers or employers can be located or traced when the service they provide warrants such in a very transparent environment.

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