The decentralised ledger economy has been in position to provide services that are helpful to different sectors. This global influence has lead to the serious adoption by so many spheres leading to a great level of improvement. This platform called Anyone is fashioned to suit global requirements of many industries, supporting them and growing them at the same time. This is the primary objective of Anyone and in addition will be introducing a fair Crypto-exchange system for users. This will help the trading activities and make users eager to trade endlessly. It induces the functioning of other cryptocurencies too and ensure they enjoy free listing without any difficulties. This enhances their operations and make them.grow quickly since it gives them a perfect exposure to the potential stakeholders that wouldn't have accessed them without appropraite listing.


Anyone Crypto-exchange is very dependable than all other ones and has overcome the usual problems of Crypto-exchange making it a very interesting crypto activity to perform this time around. It provides a free or very low public Offering for that purpose and change the concept such that it becomes very accepted. Now there is the ANYONE games, another feature of the platform. This presents the casino form of the project and makes Gamechip available for users.

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The values has been made such that it equals the dollar and can be trusted at the same time. Anyone guarantees a reliable network for foundations to be of help as well as a place for all stakeholders to place investments the best way they could ever do. It guarantees the best returns for them and improves their investments. This is what professionals stakeholders watch out for in the cryptocommunity and it ie not a bad thing to do anyways. It leads to a great yeild of returns for them while the Gamechips too serve almost the same function only that it will be for those who are involved with the games. This gives them an opportunity to play games well and enjoy the rewards that follows the games. The games are structured such that different games are played on a monthly basis. When a user whether a game user or other users using a separate feature buys the Anyone token or even the Anyone Gamechip, they will get between 6% to 26% of the coin within the space of thre month. This is very real and helpful for the users and it's even of a great advantage for the stakeholders in the platform.

This project is ready to protect users interest, attend to global transactions and intervene with its Crypto-exchange. The platform has made its investments for everyone in its system comfortable, it plans on giving daily dividends and making them earn great returns in their programs. Crypto would be seen to be more profitable with this network as it represents a new model. This makes the users enjoy daily payments in the form dividends which comes as a special percentage of the revenue generated.


The business model is what generates this revenue in the system together with the foundations that forms a part of the system. It is impossible to deny what comes up next after this and dividends becomes a daily income to users. All is still based on the Anyone network and the investments made by the network it self. It doesn't take time for the investments to be done and it encourages daily payments. A percentage of the coin ie received and the business model is eventually boosted to work and be operated the way it should be operated.

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