The ProBit Exchange: The Ideal Place To Trade Cryptocurrencies.

The fact that the blockchain technology is here to stay is an undeniable fact, seeing as more enterprises are beginning to key into the technology to help solve many of the problems encountered in their daily dealings. Around the world today, hundreds of giant companies are beginning to embrace and adopt the use of this technology, leading to the overall growth and expansion of the crypto world, they purchace these tokens mostly from private sales of ICOs, and sometimes these tokens are gotten from exhanges. Getting them from exchanges sometimes is a very delicate process, as it's not always a very smooth process. It is noteworthy that of the hundreds of exchanges out there today, only very few of them are able to meet certain standard requirements for a secured, swift and dependable operation.

So while buying or selling tokens on exchanges, it is very important to check for certain vital details about the exchange before proceeding to do so, as many of today's exchanges are lagging in numerous ways, and it is primarily for this and other reasons that a very disruptive and inventive trading platform called ProBit was built.


The probit trading platform is highly sophisticated, yet very easy to use, it offers newbies the advantage of being able to trade on the platform with so much ease, owing to it's very simple but yet encompassing interface. At launch, a good number of top quality projects will be listed on the exchange and this figure is projected to increase gradually until it clocks a few hundreds.

All the clumsiness and high level of fustration encountered while trading on other exchanges are totally eradicated here, as the platform is structured to handle millions of transactions per second, placing it among one of the exchanges with the fastest processing speed in the entire world.

The probit utility tokens can be used to pay for trading fees on the exchange at a highly discounted rate, referral bonuses are way more than usual when the profit tokens are used, and while voting for new crypto coins to be listed, the probit is the only accepted form of payment. All these will go a long way to not only enhancing the growth of the project, but would also increase the token value for coin holders.

Users are offered a wide range of trading pairs to choose from any they so desire, they are also provided with a number of very prominent and high quality project to choose from. At launch the project is expected to start with about 20 trading pairs, and this figure is expected to increase steadily as time progresses, up to 150 listed tokens or even more.

The total supply of trust coin is currently set at 200 million, the presale offers a 10% bonus to buyers, and this bonus increases with the amount of tokens purchased.

The demo version of the exchange is already live and accessible to users, the aim is to enable users get access to the exchange, and in turn feed the team back on bug and corrections to be made on the exchange.

Users funds are given maximal protection on this exchange to avoid any form of loss from hackers or any source whatsoever, so for this reason the exchange uses a cold wallet to store over 95% of funds traded on this exchange.


As seen in the details above, it becomes very clear that this exchange was created to entirely give traders maximal satisfaction and convenience while they trade. This exchange is such that will surely bring confidence, trust and credibility back to the trading world through it's unprecedented and almost unbeatable features.

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