Probit exchange: The future of crypto trading.

Despite the bear market and huge decline in total coin market cap, exchanges today still make tremendous amount as profits which are mostly generated from traders who trade on the platform, fee they collect before listing a project, fees charged for making withdrawals and all that. In essence, the market condition does not really affect the insane amount of profit generated by most exchanges, and for this reason many other exchanges have sprung up in recent times to join the lot, not for the sole aim of enhancing cryptocurrency, but rather enrich themselves, the issues encountered while trading on most of these business centered crypto exchanges has left most traders wrecked as a result of the huge funds they lose on such exchanges

It is primarily for this reason, that the idea of creating an innovative and well advanced trading platform in terms of technology was birthed, to help curtail many of the trust challenges encountered while trading on most conventional exchanges today, and this trading platform is called the probit exchange.

Before I go on to give further details about this awesome exchange, it will be nice to take a look at some of the challenges encountered while trading on most other exchanges today.


Complex interface: most exchanges today come with a very complex and not so user-friendly interface, which makes the act of trading a Herculean task for most traders that are new to the act of trading, thereby making them lose funds in the process.

Poor speed: most exhanges of today are built without reasonable plans for the future, this is why such exchanges begin to lag as soon as more users troop into the system, making the act of trading clumsy and sometimes tiring.

Porous security systems: most exchanges were created without security in mind, making it easy for hackers and bad actors to get easy access to customers funds.

Non-existent support system: most exhanges today lack the proper system to help handle challenges that might emanate from trading, and even when they are available, they are usually not very responsive, leaving traders disgruntled most of the time


This platform isn't the business as usual kind of platform, it was created bearing in mind the many flaws associated with the use of current exchanges today, it was built with a highly user-friendly interface, high speed and very tight security system.

The platform was built to enable the processing of millions of transactions in a short while, giving it's users tremendous advantages over their counterparts out there.

Funds of every customer on the exchange is being stored in an unhackable cold storage wallet, thereby eradicating the possibility of any form of hack

The data and privacy of users are also very well preserved, since most of their personal information are stored up in an encrypted algorithm

The exchange is such that both noobs and experts can be able to trade on it, through it's user-friendly and very easy to use interface

Users are being presented with a wide range of trading pairs to choose from, in same vein a great number of high quality coins are available to trade on the exchange.

The probit exchange is no doubt an impressive one that is out to solve the numerous challenges encountered while trading on other exchanges out there. It was built with the interest of it's users at heart, and in no distant time from now, it will surely rank among the top exchanges on market cap and completely overhaul and fine-tune the current trading structure which isn't so favourable to most traders.

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