ProBit Exchange: An Overview Of The ProBit Exchange And It's Utility Token.


The finance sector has witnessed tremendous growth over the years, from barter trade that first emanated from North Africa many centuries ago, other means of paying for goods and services have emanated. After years of using this system as a form of payment for goods and services rendered, banks and other financial bodies came forth with other means of making payments. It's been a very eventful revolutionary trend to say the least.

This revolution became even more interesting and more mind blowing with the invention of the blockchain technology, where such transactions are being executed swiftly without touching or even seeing the said cash physically, though the movement started as far back as 2008, it was only recently that the technology began to experience wide adoption from prominent individuals and institutions across the globe.

More people coming into the system means more adoption for the technology owing to it's unique and overwhelming advantages. And this made the entire market cap shoot to as high as 500 billion dollars at some point this year. With this tremendously high amount invested into crytocurrency by new private and institutional investors, it is no brainer that more crypto exchanges are needed to help meet the needs of of buyers and sellers around the globe.

To this effect, a lot of exchanges have sprung up in recent times, but none has been as fascinating, overwhelming, less complex and unique as the newly launched probit exchange in terms of features and security conciousness. And in this article I will be taking us deeper into the probit exchange, siting reasons why I feel it's the next big thing in the crypto space.


The probit exchange platform was created in a bid to help traders of cryptocurrency enjoy a considerable amount of comfort and benefits while trading, it aims to achieve this milestone through a lot of it's features which are basically unprecedented and almost unbeatable.


The ticker for this token is PROB, and it will be built and hosted on the ethereum blockchain, and the basic use of the probit token is for transaction fee payment on the probit exchange.

The maximum supply of the token will remain 200 million, and it can be gotten during ICO or when the token goes live on the profit exchange.

The token will also be used to vote for project listing on the exchange, it will also be used for trading fees, and well as for transaction charges.


When one transacts on the ProBit Exchange and uses the probit token as his/her desired choice of payment for transactions made, a discount in trading fee is usually given to such user, same applies to holders of the probit token. And the discount rate isn't flat for everyone, users will be rewarded based on their rank on the exchange, and your rank on the exchange is determined based on
So during sign up, it is usually very important to sign sers to the ProBit Exchange, he fers more advantagesyour PROB holding.
hen an existing user invites other users to the probit exchange, he is usually rewarded, although this is optional, it gives standard users 10% of all trading fees from his/her referee, while a premium user would 53.jpg)

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The premium users of the probit exchange would be giving the privilege of enjoying first access to any new Holding PROB makes ochange, giving them an added advantage over other users of the exchange.

Holding the pr holders of the ProBit token an edgevote for new tokens of theirhange.

CONCLUSIisted on the exchange, giving holders of the probit token an edge over other users of the exchange.


The probit exchange is a blockbuster, and unrivaled trading platform that seeks to turn a whole lot around as far as trading cryptocurrencies are concerned. The platform also make things a lot easier for holders of it's tokens through several discounted transactions they are made to enjoy on the platform, among other mind blowing advantages. So therefore, if there is any trading platform to recommend for friends and family, this is surely one and i promised it will be the best decision they ever made if they heed to the advice.

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