ProBit: An Ideal Trading Hub For A 21st Century Crypto Trader.


Today I would conclude my series about the unparalleled probit trading platform, it's been weeks since I started giving a lot of insights about the exchange with much still left unsaid, I will be concluding with some some final notes on things still unknown about the phenomenal trading platform, called probit.

We have talked about the utility token of the exchange, the insurmountable security features of the exchange as well as it's unprecedented processing speed all in the previous articles. Today I shall be taking us through a recap of everything, while I emphasize on certain key areas.


Exchanges are very important in the world of cryptocurrency as it is almost impossible for projects to thrive without them, exchanges provide the platform for buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency assets to exchange one digital currency for another. In order to meet this need, a good number of cryptocurrency exchanges have sprung up in recent times, but not all have been able to meet the basic needs of traders as a lot of them are still lacking in certain key areas.

Probit is a professional trading hub, built by a set of brilliant minds to help meet the needs of a 21st century trader while trading digital assets on crypto exchanges. And it was able to tackle some of these challenges through a number of fascinating and well orchestrated features. Some of these features, I will be highlighting in the course of this articles.


Not so many exchanges of today are able process as much transactions as required in a given time, owing to the fact that the exchange is probably overwhelmed with an enormous amount of transactions to process, and for this reason traders are sometimes required to pay extra charges to get their transactions processed ahead of others in the endless queue.

Security posses a serious threat for most exchanges around the world as they are usually the primary point of target for most hackers.

Existing exchanges are are designed in ways that make it simply impossible for newbies to trade freely on them owing to their complex and uninteresting interfaces.

The support system of popular exchanges are not proactive, as complains from users of the platform takes forever to get fixed. This could sometimes make the use of such exchanges very tiring to users.

Lack of liquidity is also a big challenge in the trading world today as sometimes there are not enough trade volume on exchanges, making liquidity an issue, especially for big investors.


Security has posed serious threat to cryptocurrency traders on most exchanges, as hackers have times without number made away with huge funds after a successful hack of any exchange. But with the probit trading platform, all of these have become a thing of the past, as the exchange is well equipped with features that makes hacking the platform extremely difficult, or plainly impossible.

The exchange is structured in such a way that everyone, both noobs and experts can conveniently trade on it, through it's user-friendly and easy to use interface.

The support system is an ever responsive one, traders are given swift and adequate response whenever they encounter any glitch trading on the platform.

The exchange has a utility token that offers an extra discount to users each time they pay for transaction fees using the exchange's token. The token ticker is PROB, with a fixed total supply of 200,000,000.

The speed of transactions on the probit exchange stands at an unbeatable rate of over a million per second, and this places the exchange among one of the fastest in the world.


The probit exchange seeks to address the numerous downside of a good number of exchanges out there today. Her primary focus is to create an exchange where traders would be greatly advantaged in terms of transaction speed, security and of course, discounted transaction fees. Probit is truly an exchange built for a 21st century trader where seamless transaction is the order of the day.

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