The remote office jobs are becoming obsolete and uninteresting for people to do. This is because they are not always free to do something else and are usually stuck to one thing for so long without being able to explore other options. This in some ways limits the earnings of people and add to the inability to handle responsibilities or meet some needs. So many are exploring new ways to earn without restrictions and mycro here is just the best platform for this purpose. It is a platform that provides jobs for people and also allows you as an employer to create job opportunities as well. This platform is very much decentralised and friendly to the users.


This economy is one of the best decentralised models with great prospect for jobs in this century. It is loaded with the right design to effectively connect users with the right jobs and make them comfortable working and earning with different people. It has a freelance potential and the right facilities to foster this activities. This project raise professionals and is ready to be of help to those that would love to have endless opportunities in it. To solve the problems of users will be easy and they will be greatly rewarded as they work. This platform as a freelance network will allow users to meet with real employers to work with them and derive their profits once they have provided the services. Although there are some existing problems like what I at hand in the present industry that has kept ravaging the freelance network. Shortcomings like insufficiency of work and the lack of transparency between those working together. This project has been built to overcome that and make it. The past and present problems has always been caused by the existence of the centralised bodies on my freelance network and how hard they have made the operations in the become. For jobs in those networks, high commission fees are usually charged and it is not helping those concerned.

This platform has therefore come with solutions that makes it so accepted as a decentralised platform. This platform has its activities coordinated and provides real access to jobs that pays well in Contrast to what the centralised network could offer. It uses smartcontracts at the same time to make things better and have a well organized network. Payments for jobs are fast and can be refunded when the job is not completed. This project is straightforward in its approach to freelancing jobs and have its platform so transparent for all the operations. All those involved in the operations will have better understanding of the process and will know how to work with each other without having issues with themselves.


This platform is functional and has overcome the existing challenges of job, making it effortless finding a job in it as a first time user. It offers users absolute efficiency and the ability to manage whatever job they find in the platform. The fees of commission have dropped and is lesser than before and quite affordable. The perfect algorithm is used in this case and efficient ways of matching job is used with the selflearning algorithm.

It has a portable mobile app that can be used to access the jobs and whatever the project is able to provide all manner of jobs that suites the users such that they are able to handle them so well and have payments securely. The token in use in this vast platform is the MYO token. With this token, those using mycro can make payments and continue working oe doing transactions in the platform.


Token Name: MYCRO Token
Token symbol: MYO
Platform: Ethereum
Role of Token: Utility
Token Supply: 100 million
Token Standard: ERC-20
Hard Cap: $2.75 million USD
Exchange Rate: 1 MYO = $025
Accepted Currency: Ethereum (ETH)


This platform has all what is needed to stand as a freelance network for jobs to be secured and for more people to get new jobs they can do as side hustles. It has successfully improve on what the existing networks have and will be the most preferred network for freelancers to work and earn cryptocoins.

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